WED Lockdown Special: Dan Dare – Oh Yeah!


Join Pete and Dave for a lockdown sidestep for an anniversary audio assessment of the songs about everybody’s favourite space hero (sort of).  Featured in the episodes are tracks by Elton John, David Bowie, The Tornadoes, The Mekons, Pink Floyd, The Art of Noise and the Wedding Present.

Enjoy – stay safe, and stay well.

Best wishes from Pete and Dave

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Show Notes:
The Tornadoes – Telsar:

Pink Floyd – Astronomy Dominie:
(Dan Dare pops up at 3.22 – honest)

David Bowie – The DJ:

The Mekons – Out of Space (It’s a Really Nice Place):

Elton John – Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future):

Art of Noise – Dan Dare:

The Wedding Present – Dan Dare:


Birthday Hotline

Eagle 1 crop

It’s April 2020, and beside a lot of other things going on, the original Eagle comic and its most famous comic strip are turning 70. Join Peter and Dave in a short news round-up and commemorative chat during our Year of Dare.

ComicScene Dare

Special focus in this episode is given to our friends at Comic Scene, who dedicate a good amount of the April 2020 iss to the big birthday. The issue is available digitally – but if you can, consider picking up the hard copy with its rather lovely Martin Baines cover art. You can read their blog here:

Also on the blog, check out the links to free issues of Planet Journey and Eagle Flies Again – plenty to read during your lockdown!

And finally, from the both of us – good health, good cheer, and and we look forward to providing more audio distraction for you soon.

Kia kaha, kia ora

Peter and David.

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WED32 – Isolated Centenary

100 001 (533x640)

Download here

Hello Dear Listener – we both hope you are all safe and well and can join us for our lock-down centenary reviewing 80s Eagle issues 100-103.  Inside Dan Dare finally rides to the rescue, the Deathlords face their doom, Danny Pike comes out swinging and we embrace the crazy of One Eyed Jack.  All this and more… Where Eagles Dare.

WED 31 – Worst Cher Cover Ever!

099 001 (533x640)

It’s all Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves as Pete and Dave revisit issues 97-99 of the 1984 run of Eagle, where Manix faces dodgy reprograming, Danny Pike goes to court, Streetwise returns, a Phantom comes to Crow Street, and the Hand finally closes.  All this and more, including the copyright busting Mousecops – Where Eagles Dare…

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WED 30 – A Wizard Dun It

094 001 (533x640)

Join Pete and Dave for a New Year’s Special – New Year’s 1984!

This time we look at issues 94 to 96 of the 80’s run of IPCs Eagle comic, where we start a new Dan Dare adventure, Doomlord brings down the house, Manix gets a facelift, and Walk or Die crawls to a harrowing conclusion.
All this and more, Where Eagles Dare!

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SASA 2 – The Fright Before Xmas

Scream 008 [1984-05-12] 32 (546x640)

In a desperate attempt to actually get a Christmas special out while it was still Christmas somewhere in the world, Pete and Dave delve into the nightmare world of IPC’s 1984 Scream issues 5-8, and explore a recursive comics morgue with guest, friend of the pod Morgan Davie.

Don’t let it put you off your Christmas pud!

Download Here

WED 29 – ‘Orrible Twits

EA26Front Cover (447x640)

Join Pete and Dave and special guest Richard Sheaf of The Boys Adventure Comic Blog, as we look at the 1984 Eagle Annual – a tome with more fun in its stocking than Joe Soap’s dodgy carrier bag!  On the way we visit the wonderful world of original Dan Dare art and space profiteroles, as well as the less wonderful world of Sergeant Streetwise plotting. (Please gov’ can we have some more!) And a merry Christmas to all you at home.

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