WED38 – Not Your Story Sharkie

Join Pete and Dave back at the Eagle’s nest, as we travel back to July 1984 with issues 120 to 123 on the “new” Eagle.  This time Doomlord bugs out, One Eyed Jack blows out, Danny Pike knocks out, Crowe St bows out, and Dan Dare has gone for a burton.
All this and more Where Eagles Dare….

WED37 – Quack Quack Jack

Finally – Pete and Dave are back to discuss June 1984’s Eagle issues 116-119.  Inside, things get demolition-tastic in Doomlord, Dan Dare and Crow Street, while One Eyed Jack carries out canard related carnage, News Team tank(er)s, and we welcome new “boy” – Bloodfang!
All this and more – Where Eagles Dare…

Eagle Data File: Dan Dare – Space Cadet

To mark Where Eagles Dare‘s official online convention debut at Lawless 2021, we’ve prepared a companion piece to our interview with Pat Mills and Ian Kennedy.

Eagle Data File is a new wing to our Eagle transporter – an occasional look back at miniseries and shorter runs of the new Eagle‘s past.

In this episode, it’s Dan Dare, the early years – a classic cutaway story from the comic’s glorious offset period. Find out more about this story behind the scenes in our interview with Pat and Ian!

Eagle Hotline 06: Here Comes Lawless

Hello reader and welcome to another brief Eagle Hotline. In this bulletin we spruik our involvement in the forthcoming Lawless virtual Comicon just over a week away, a Kickstarter for Battle Action Force, the face of Doomlord can be YOURS – oh, and a quick update on Where Eagles Dare. We’re still here, honest!


Show links:

Lawless ComicCon 2021

Isidro Campos’ Doomlord Mask (courtesy of Down the Tubes)

Action Force: The Battle Years Kickstarter

WED 36 – Arsenal of Sheds


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Join Pete and Dave for an episode of endings with the Eagle issues 112-116 (for May to June 1984) as Doomlord finds a new home, Dan Dare escapes his space prison, Danny Pike swings towards a climax, Fatso Parsons draws a line, and Manix routs a Rats’ Nest full of sheds.  All this and more (like a bloody great T-Rex waiting in the wings), Where Eagles Dare….

Scream and Scream Again 4 – Going Under!

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Join Pete and Dave for our final look at IPC’s Scream! comic, with fishy themed issues  13-15 under the microscope with our special guest, podcasting legend and master librarian Mr Jim Moon of the Hypnogoria podcast.
This time, the Nightcomers bow out, Max give a housing officer a bad case of crabs,  the Sea Beast makes an appearance, Tales from the Grave gets “handy”, and a dead man gets fingered in Library of Death.  And a Merry Christmas to all you at home! J

WED35 – “Off” for the Holidays

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Join Pete and Dave for a slightly “off-piste” adventure as we detour to the New Eagle 1984 Holiday Special. We visit East Germany with the News Team, scale the pyramids with an off brand Manix, take a busman’s holiday with Dan Dare, do summer school with Crow Street, and learn some new tricks with PACO.  All this and more… Where Eagles Dare.

Scream And Scream Again 3 – Skeletalmania!

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Join Pete and Dave and a special guest for a special Halloween visit to the depths under Kings Reach Tower to revisit the hallowed halls of Scream Comic issues 9-12 from the deep dark past of 1984!  Inside Drac goes on the attack, Max sets out a road of vengeance, a Tomb gets terrible, and … oh no Uncle Terry! Not Again!

WED 34 – Heroes in a Half Track

108 001 (533x640)

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Join Pete and Dave in a tongue tied episode reviewing IPC’s Eagle issues 108-111 (April – May 1984).
This time, Doomlord returns, Dan Dare does a runner, Lord Baynor goes down, Danny Pike faces The Animal (and 80 stereotyping), One Eyed Jack makes a handbrake turn, and things get “scorchio” on Crow St.  All this and more (sorry Fox) – Where Eagles Dare!

WED 33 – The One with the Train Station

105 001 (533x640)

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Hello again to all our dear listener.  We hope you are safe and well, as Peter and Dave dive back into the Eagle archives for issues 104-107 of the 1984 run of the new Eagle comic.  This time Danny Pike trains with the Shark, Crowe Street Comp go wild in a very English way, Dan Dare gets the shock of his life, and Manix meets his match.  All this and more, Where Eagles Dare…