Where Eagles Dare 12 – Quelle Draggo!

WED12 cover
Greetings from 1983 as Pete and Dave take on the second year of IPC’s new Eagle magazine for boys.
This time Manix and Streetwise return, this time with added Action Debbie, House of Daemon hits party mode and the secret history of the Mekon is revealed.  All this, and Joe Soap takes on glam rock inanity!

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Where Eagles Dare 11 – 1982 Ernies

Eagle Badge.jpg

Join Pete and Dave, as they travel back in time to review the best (and the worst) of the first year of revived IPC Eagle comic of 1982. Who will win the coveted Best Story/Best Artist awards, who will the “not so coveted” Fred Award for the Least Favourite Thing that’s not Fred… And… What about the twist!

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Where Eagles Dare 10 – Feliz Navidad.


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Welcome back to December 1982 for issues 37 to 40 of IPCs Eagle. This month – it’s a Spanish themed Christmas, as Dare, Streetwise, and transparent tearaway Tim go continental, Doomlord goes Intercontinental, and the Collector flies in the face of mediocrity.

All this, as well as news on the upcoming Ernies episode, Where Eagles Dare.

Where Eagles Dare 09 – French Connections


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Pete and Dave are back for a Francophillic, Star Wars-tastic look back on Eagle comics 32 to 36, from way back in November 1982.

This month, Dan Dare’s secrets are revealed, Doomlord becomes a political satire, House of Daemon goes to war, Transparent Tim’s sanity is questioned, and Streetwise indulges in rubber and gets exposed!

All this and more, Where Eagles Dare…

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Where Eagles Dare 08 – Uncomfortable in the 80s


Pete and Dave are back with issues 28-32 of the Eagle for the month of October 1982.
This time Transparent Tim makes an appearance, Manix sends in the clowns, Dan Dare gets a much needed third page, and House of the Daemon gets even more bonkers…
… but on top of all that we get a cold dose of reality as we find things that weren’t OK… even in the 80s.

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The Battery Ham experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Os-WkKnKsw

Where Eagles Dare 07 – They Think It’s All Over…

Cover (471x640)

Damon Flett where are you now? Pete and Dave venture back to the mammoth month of September 1982 in the new Eagle comic.  The Wild West goes south as Tower King, Thunderbolt and Smokey, and Saddle Tramp end, Streetwise returns, and Manix arrives flinging Space Spinners of Death.  Dare you join us as we enter the House of Daemon… Where Eagles Dare!

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WED 06 _ Tramps! Stamps!


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Pete and Dave dive back to August 1982 to review UK Eagle comic issues 20 to 23. This time Joe Soap comes to a close, Saddle Tramp gets spooky, Dan Dare gets heavy, Thunderbolt and Smokey get local, and an “old friend” comes back to visit!

All this, and spot the story Dave didn’t realise he was supposed to do… where Eagles dare!


BTS 34 – BoWhomian Rhapsody

No more

Spoilers No More! Pete and Dave belatedly return to discuss the lack of news for January 2018, though things rapidly descend into a (relatively spoiler free) discussion about the pointlessness of spoilers.

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