Where Eagles Dare 2 – Everything’s Coming Up Doomlord!

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Energiser to Disintegrate!

Pete and Dave venture back to April 1982 with Eagle issues 2-5 as the adventure stories develop and escalate, and encounter the true horror that is FRED.

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Stories covered: Dan Dare, Doomlord, Thunderbolt and Smokey, The Collector, Sergeant Streetwise and The Tower King.

We are available on itunes, and photos for the issues are on our facebook page.

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Where Eagles Dare 1 – The Eagle has Landed!

001 001.jpgHello Dear Listener,

No, we haven’t pod-faded, but Pete and Dave have been tinkering with a new podcast for the “Doctor Who Off Season” and we’ve come up with “Where Eagles Dare”.

We will be looking at the run of the 1980’s Eagle Revival, going through issues on a month by month basis, starting with issue 1 from April 1982.

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Stories Covered
Doomlord, Thunderbolt and Smokey, Sergeant Streetwise, Dan Dare, The Tower King, assorted features, and The Collector.

If all of this seems rather familiar we recommend Space Spinner 2000, where Conrad and Fox do this much better with 2000AD.

Normal Beyond the Sofa service will resume shortly, however if you like the sound of Where Eagles Dare, we hope to have it running soon separately in itunes, and with a facebook page for feedback and pictures from the issues covered.

All the best
Pete and Dave

P.S. Smashy and Nicey