BTS 24 – The Full Mario


Pete and Dave revisit the concept of news before taking on the Popes in Space collision that is the Doctor Who episodes “Oxygen” and “Extremis”. Vespas Galore!

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BTS 22 – Smile at your Pilot


Pete and Dave review the first two episodes of Doctor Who Season 10 – The Pilot and Smile, as well as poking around a conspiracy corner or two. No Spoilers, but some riffing theories abound.

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Show notes

  • First – Dave offers full apologies to J.R. Southall, who he accidentally called J.P. for the duration of the sofasode.
  • And Dave’s treachery with Zeus Plug can be heard here

BTS 20 – Hello Goodbye

BTS20 Goodbye

Pete and Dave are back for an episode of farewells. Goodbye John Hurt and less permanently Peter Capaldi, plus all the lack of Doctor Who news that’s not fit to print.

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Unfortunately this episode was bedeviled a few gremlins and you may notice some issues with the sound, and Dave’s brain falling out about 10 minutes in.  Don’t worry we aren’t pod-fading and normal (or, as abnormal as usual) service will resume soon…ish.


So until next time…

BTS 18 – A Very Special (FX) Sofasode


Dave and Pete are back with guest Alistair Hughes, and this time we are looking at the special world of Doctor Who special effects. On the way we take brief stops at hopelessly out of date news, toyetic Daleks, missing Power of the Daleks movie screenings, and the passing of the late, great Steve Dillon.


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Show notes:

BTS 17 – Master of None

CheekyThis week we take a look at the character of the Master in Doctor Who and ask the question: “Is he actually any good?” Along the way we deal with the increasingly out of date subject of the news with side steps into kid’s movies, animatronic dinosaurs, remakes and retreads.

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BTS 16 – No Sex Please (We’re Timelords)

This week we take on the potentially contentious subject of sex in Doctor Who… or at least that’s where we start, but tend to derail a bit quickly… sorry for any offence. We didn’t mean it, honest…

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Until next time when we take on the Master – it’s goodnight from us…