BTS 26 – Ice Picts

Holy Rona’s Roamin’ Romans on Ice Batman! Pete and Dave travel back in time to review what appears to be the same story twice, with Doctor Who’s Empress of Mars, and The Eaters of Light. Olympus Mons or Ludicrous Maximus? Find out – Beyond the Sofa!

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  • Show Notes
    Jim Moon’s Wonderful Adam West Tribute can be found here.
    (be sure to check out his excellent series on the Natural History of the Batman)
  • Our visit with Jono on Zeus Plug
  • And for our original experience of The Eagle of the Ninth…

BTS 25 – Monk-y Magic

Chaos ensues as Dave tries to rewrite history for the latest Doctor Who episodes, while Peter patiently calls shenanigans. The Pyramid at the End of the World, and The Lie of the Land are taken to bits, but will they form a great Lego structure – or just stab feet as they are left on the carpet?

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