WED 23 – Photo Finish!


In issue 78, the new Eagle comic reached its last photo-strip issue – and its future was just around the corner in a quietly-heralded editorial of exciting change. Ringing in these changes in Where Eagles Dare, Peter and Dave are joined by Phillip Vaughan of the ComicScene Podcast to discuss the fumetti era of Eagle – what worked? What didn’t? Was it the comic’s heyday, or a nobly-intentioned flop? Along the way we discover the future of Doomlord in photos, an adult love for stories we once spurned, a rare misfire for Nemesis the Warlock and see where the future lies for photostrip comics. All this and more, in Where Eagles Dare!

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April 2019 – EveryWhere Eagles Dared!


This month Where Eagles Dare had its very own APODALYPSE and went everywhere! Well, a few other places, perhaps. Unintentionally, following our first Eagle Eye interview with Morgan Davie, a welcome favour or two to a sister pod, a cultural exchange with a gentleman and scholar, and a long-scheduled address to an august book club all conspired to keep us recording – just not for our own project!

So, here’s a round-up over what became (accidentally) our busiest month hardly recording our own podcast:

April 15: Space Spinner ReAction 9

Conrad Leiden’s spin-off podcast frm the ever-entertaining Space Spinner 2000 covers the big, bad and brassy Action comic of the mid-Seventies, and in this episode Peter dropped by to read through some issues and weigh in on the eternal debate – Dredger or Hookjaw? An almost impossible decision!

April 15: ComicScene Magazine podcast episode 5

The excellent UK ComicScene Magazine this year started its own self-titled podcast from what was Phillip Vaughan’s former (and equally excellent) Masters in Comics podcast. Both WED hosts were lucky guests charged with the task of presenting a past read and recent read from the world of comics. Working independently, we managed to each bring something different from the other, and bravely attempted to describe our Eagle origin stories in a new and interesting way.

April 28: Mega City Book Club 92: The Thirteenth Floor

92 episodes! That’s class. Eamonn Clarke’s stupendous catalogue of the works of Rebellion Publishing (and the odd adjacent title) finally reached the Eagles’s Nest with this overview of recently-released The Thirteenth Floor vol 1, from the house of Ghastly McNasty, erstwhile editor of late, lamented Scream! Peter was back on duties to present, describe his Eagle, Scream and 2000AD origins in a new and interesting way, and now can’t wait to revisit the same Ghastly stories once they hit Eagle in 2020!

And finally…

April 28: Space Spinner ReAction 10

Dave’s turn to sit down with Conrad and pore over the gore that was Action in its ever-escalating countdown towards controversy and partial cancellation. Apparently Eamonn himself may be there for the sentencing, but in the mean-time Dave’s digressions and attempt to tell his Action origin story in a new and interesting way help to skew the ReAction cast just a little further away from the usual sober fare.

Oh, and we also got a nice mention in Everything Comes Back to 2000AD as well. Must return that favour – thanks, chaps!

Normal, Eagle-themed service will soon be resumed…

Eagle Eye 1: ‘Eagle – Tops For Photo Stories!’


Shall We Play a Game?

In the first Eagle Eye, Where Eagles Dare looks at ‘Eagle: Tops For Photo Stories!’, a unique roleplaying game set around the photo strips of the new Eagle comic, played in Wellington over Anniversary Weekend, January 2019. Featuring an interview with game creator Morgan Davie, we discuss the gameplay, the enduring appeal of Eagle‘s characters, and find out just WHO is the most powerful character in the Eagle photo universe…!