WED 22 – Hoofs Mon!

It’s here! Where Eagles Dare reaches issues 75-78 – the last photostrip issues of the new Eagle. Inside Manix reaches an Ugly conclusion, Dan Dare reboots his war on the Mekon, Luke Hackett’s mob mission goes Hands-free, It’s back to school for Crowe St Comp, Walk or Die gets cabin fever… and Sgt Streetwise returns! Chk-a-chk-ahh!

Future London

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WED21 – Mob Handed


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You want action? You want mystery?  Talk to The Hand, draw a One Eyed Jack, Dare the Future, Walk or Die, see the Mickey Mouse House of Correction… no, we’re drifting….
All this and more* Where Eagles Dare…
(*Seriously, there’s a wild elephant stampede in Crow Street and everything, honest)