BTS33 – Capaldi Lang Syne

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Join Pete and Dave for festive fun as we enjoy the Christmas Greatest Hits Album that is Twice Upon a Time, but is it a cracker of a story or a soggy sexist satsuma?


WED Xmas Special – 1983 Annual

EA25Front Cover (444x640)

(Yes, Deb of Bromley – there is a Soccer Clause)

Join Pete and a slurry Dave for a festive dive into 1983’s Eagle Christmas Annual.
Packed with regular favourites like The Collector, Dan Dare, The Collector, Thunderbolt and Smokey and The Collector, we hope it brings some festive cheer to all our dear listener….

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As always photos of the issue are available on our facebook page

Jackie Wilson on Top of the Pops (Check the background)

UFO Skullduggery

WED 03 – The Man with No Pants!

Eagle #008 01 (468x640)

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Flashback to May 1982 (issues 6 – 10) with Dan Dare taking on aliens, Doomlord taking on the world, Thunderbolt and Smokey taking on Ferris, The Collector taking on all logic and reason, and the Tower King taking on the fashion police…

All this and Suzanne Dando …>ahem<… join us Where Eagles Dare.

BTS 32 – It Says Here…

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Hold the front page! David and Peter return to the world of Whom in a brief and slightly-dated romp through recent headlines, including news of Doctors, companions, late friends of the series, trailers, trousers, swatches and Watchers. All this as the clock rushes towards Christmas…
Intro tune: ‘It Says Here’ by Billy Bragg
Outro tune: ‘Tomorrow People Solo Guitar'(D Simpson) performed by Six-String Steve

Where Eagles Dare 2 – Everything’s Coming Up Doomlord!

Cover small

Energiser to Disintegrate!

Pete and Dave venture back to April 1982 with Eagle issues 2-5 as the adventure stories develop and escalate, and encounter the true horror that is FRED.

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Stories covered: Dan Dare, Doomlord, Thunderbolt and Smokey, The Collector, Sergeant Streetwise and The Tower King.

We are available on itunes, and photos for the issues are on our facebook page.

So until next time…

Where Eagles Dare 1 – The Eagle has Landed!

001 001.jpgHello Dear Listener,

No, we haven’t pod-faded, but Pete and Dave have been tinkering with a new podcast for the “Doctor Who Off Season” and we’ve come up with “Where Eagles Dare”.

We will be looking at the run of the 1980’s Eagle Revival, going through issues on a month by month basis, starting with issue 1 from April 1982.

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Stories Covered
Doomlord, Thunderbolt and Smokey, Sergeant Streetwise, Dan Dare, The Tower King, assorted features, and The Collector.

If all of this seems rather familiar we recommend Space Spinner 2000, where Conrad and Fox do this much better with 2000AD.

Normal Beyond the Sofa service will resume shortly, however if you like the sound of Where Eagles Dare, we hope to have it running soon separately in itunes, and with a facebook page for feedback and pictures from the issues covered.

All the best
Pete and Dave

P.S. Smashy and Nicey

BTS 31 – Beyond the Block


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In a blockbuster episode Pete and Dave visit this month’s gossip and rumour before reviewing 2011’s UK Science Fiction flick Attack the Block (starring Jodie Whittaker and John Boyega),  with additional feedback from our dear listeners Joanne, Neil, David and Jon.


Whittaker/Eccleston’s Antigone:

The totally wonderful Space Spinner 2000:

BTS 30 – Prog 2000


Dave eats humble pie and becomes a Nigerian TV station, before he and Pete venture back into the past for Beyond the Sofa’s own missing episode, belatedly covering the galaxy’s greatest comic’s 2000th issue.

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BIG NEWS Listeners – next time we are reviewing the film Attack the Block.  Please join us and send in your feedback to by the 27th of August!

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BTS 29 – Fear Her???

Romana mod

Hey Fandom! Those themes of tolerance, kindness and understanding over the past 50 odd years – Which bits did you miss?  Dave returns, and he and Pete wade into the murky quagmire of post-13 fallout.  On the way we salute this month’s fallen and add our thoughts on the Christmas to come.
All that Beyond the Sofa…

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