BTS 37 – Hammering Halloween

Well, this one’s a bit special.

Past listeners of Beyond the Sofa may remember our very good friend Al, who has been absent from the pod for a couple of years, because among other things, he’s written a book!

Al portrait

In a Beyond the Sofa Halloween Special Peter is joined by now first-time author Alistair Hughes, to discuss his book ‘Infogothic: An Unauthorised Graphic Guide to Hammer Horror’, out now from Telos Publishing! As we peek behind the curtain Al describes the experience of researching, writing and illustrating this splendid guide, and the enduring influence and appeal of the Hammer Films.

Caution: contains chumminess and enthusiastic gushing, some scenes may frighten younger viewers.

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For a tantalising peek between the pages of Infogothic, check out this video produced by Monster Kid Radio. And be sure to also listen to their highly enjoyable interview with Al, too – including a rather confessional review of Dracula AD 1972!

Interviewer’s note: This episode was obviously a delight and privilege to put together, but a final credit must be given to Al who, with Peter many years ago, shared the title of Beyond the Sofa in the pages of the Time-Space Visualiser.

WED16 – A Very Special Special.


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Join Pete! And Dave! And extra special guest – Conrad Leiden from Space Spinner 2000! As they take on the 1983 Eagle Holiday Special including Streetwise (leather boy!), You Can be Joe Soap, Dan Dare calling a cab to better strip, and a special disappearance by the Inviable Boy (spelling mistake – you decide?).  All this and so much more on a very special, special episode of Where Eagles Dare!

WED 15 – Sugar Free Pandas

Eagle054_0001 (467x640)

Join Pete and Dave as they go back to March/April 1983 for new Eagles Issues 53 to 56, and celebrate our 1st birthday issue with the horror that is the Fred Quiz page, Doomlord revealing himself to the world, Dan Dare taking a big step backwards, and Crow Street Comp actually getting interesting…  and what did ever happen to Eddie?

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