BTS 35 – Going for Gold

DWlogo 2018

Golden Dawn or Golden Death? BTS reads the news again in another bijoux broadcast, this time looking at: the new logo! The new promo! The departure of Murray Gold and his music and… whatever next?

That all-important URL:

WED 06 _ Tramps! Stamps!


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Pete and Dave dive back to August 1982 to review UK Eagle comic issues 20 to 23. This time Joe Soap comes to a close, Saddle Tramp gets spooky, Dan Dare gets heavy, Thunderbolt and Smokey get local, and an “old friend” comes back to visit!

All this, and spot the story Dave didn’t realise he was supposed to do… where Eagles dare!


BTS 34 – BoWhomian Rhapsody

No more

Spoilers No More! Pete and Dave belatedly return to discuss the lack of news for January 2018, though things rapidly descend into a (relatively spoiler free) discussion about the pointlessness of spoilers.

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