BTS 28 – A New Body

Here We Go Again, but it Feels Different This Time! Hours after the big reveal Peter and Jono wake-at-the-break to discuss the enormity of the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, and the small matter of the future of Doctor Who. Caution: May Contain Reactions!


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BTS 27 – The Tenth Plummet

Download herebrigbill.jpgDeus Ex Lachryma! Beyond the Sofa returns with Series 10’s two-part finale, featuring Mondasian Cybermen, Missy, the Master, models, magpies, and more minutes than we’d normally fit into an episode!  Joining Peter on the Sofa is Zeus Plug’s own Machiavellian magistrate, Mr Jono Park!


  • Show Notes
  • Mr Jono Park’s podcast is Zeus Plug
  • You can order volume 2 of Running Down Corridors here
  • and finally, Scarred for Life is on Lulu, but why not whet your appetite with this incredible trailer?