WED18 – ASS-tronauts


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Join Pete and Dave for our surprise Christmas episode (well, it was a surprise for us), covering issues 61 to 64 of the new Eagle magazine from 1983. Inside Doomlord faces his…er… Doom, Dare uncovers a mystery, Manix clears the air, and the Fifth Horseman becomes more prescient, while transparent teen tearaway Tim Tyler pulls off one final disappearing act.  All this and more – Where Eagles Dare….

BTS40 – The Present is a Different Country

it takes (471x640)
Join Pete and Dave for a final roundup of the last three episodes of Doctor Who series 11, that’s The Witchfinders, It Takes You Away, and the Battle of Vowels and Consonants. On the way we take a bit of stock on the year to date and chat about the upcoming New Year Special.  All this and more Beyond the Sofa…

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BtS39 – Shop of Little Horror


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Join Pete and Dave in this somewhat belated episode, as they look back on Doctor Who Season 11, Episodes 5,6, & 7 (The Tsuranga Conundrum, Demons of the Punjab, and Kerblam!) as well as a midpoint roundup of new season to date.
Are you also experiencing comprehension deficiency?  Join us Beyond the Sofa…