WED 30 – A Wizard Dun It

094 001 (533x640)

Join Pete and Dave for a New Year’s Special – New Year’s 1984!

This time we look at issues 94 to 96 of the 80’s run of IPCs Eagle comic, where we start a new Dan Dare adventure, Doomlord brings down the house, Manix gets a facelift, and Walk or Die crawls to a harrowing conclusion.
All this and more, Where Eagles Dare!

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SASA 2 – The Fright Before Xmas

Scream 008 [1984-05-12] 32 (546x640)

In a desperate attempt to actually get a Christmas special out while it was still Christmas somewhere in the world, Pete and Dave delve into the nightmare world of IPC’s 1984 Scream issues 5-8, and explore a recursive comics morgue with guest, friend of the pod Morgan Davie.

Don’t let it put you off your Christmas pud!

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