Where Eagles Dare 09 – French Connections


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Pete and Dave are back for a Francophillic, Star Wars-tastic look back on Eagle comics 32 to 36, from way back in November 1982.

This month, Dan Dare’s secrets are revealed, Doomlord becomes a political satire, House of Daemon goes to war, Transparent Tim’s sanity is questioned, and Streetwise indulges in rubber and gets exposed!

All this and more, Where Eagles Dare…

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Where Eagles Dare 08 – Uncomfortable in the 80s


Pete and Dave are back with issues 28-32 of the Eagle for the month of October 1982.
This time Transparent Tim makes an appearance, Manix sends in the clowns, Dan Dare gets a much needed third page, and House of the Daemon gets even more bonkers…
… but on top of all that we get a cold dose of reality as we find things that weren’t OK… even in the 80s.

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The Battery Ham experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Os-WkKnKsw