Eagle Data File No. 2: Monster

Leading up to the Scream! and Eagle merger in episode 40 of Where Eagles Dare, we present a new Eagle Data File for the two Scream! imports, covering the story so far from the pages of Scream! In this episode: Alan Moore, Alan Grant and John Wagner’s story ‘Monster’, illustrated by Heinzl and Jesus Redondo. Set off with young Kenny Corman and his hulking and deformed Uncle Terry as they escape a house of murder into a countryside of even greater peril!

Check out the censored panels referred to in this episode at Down the Tubes (linked below), and be sure to listen to our episodes of Scream and Scream again for further discussion of this story with our special guests.

Image courtesy of Down the Tubes, theme music is ‘The Night King’ by Ramin Djawadi, performed by Callum McGaw


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